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Who we are

Swede Control Intertek Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company with a strong foreign technical partner in the United Kingdom – Intertek Group Plc. Swede Control Intertek Limited has complimented and worked closely with Intertek Group Plc, United Kingdom on the Government Services in which we have carried out Pre-shipment Inspection Programme for the Federal Government of Nigeria between 1984 – 2006.

In the same relationship, we carried out Crude Oil Export Inspection programme under the name - Anglia Inspection Services between 1996 – 1998.

Under the Pre-shipment Inspection Programme, Swede Control Intertek Limited works with Governments to check the safety and quality of Imports, verifying duty collection and provide cargo security services. We also provide as part of our services, Technical Inspection Services and Commercial Verification Services.

The symbiotic relationship between Intertek Group Plc, United Kingdom and Nigeria wholly owned enterprise - Swede Control Intertek Limited, has made us an Industry leader in Quality Certification, Inspection programme of crude oil, non-oil/Agricultural Products and General Cargo inspection services in Nigeria economy.

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2010 TURNOVER 88%

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